Friday, 2 December 2011

Wedding "Sisters" Handband

Wedding is a wonderful ceremony which two people are united. That day will be everyone's unforgettable moment. :)

I was having this opportunity to make this "sisters"(they called "ji mui" in Chinese) flower handbands. It's an amazing experience as this is my first time doing it and it's for this sweet and romantic couple, my friends.

This is also represents my wishes to them, happy together forever~

It's a simple flower handband but love and passion are all in it. Haha~
It's made of artificial flowers and ribbons. The ribbons are for tying on the hands. Oh! And I added a pin on the back of each flower handbands! It can be used for the guys to pin on their chests (jackets) on that day. Of course, girls you can cut off the ribbons and pin on your handbags as a decor too (after the wedding! :P )
A tips for you, you can slot an alligator pin at the back and pin it as your hair decoration :D
Multipurpose huh! Haha~
There you go! All the handbands are well-packed in a box
with a love cupid stamp on it! ^^

I'm waiting for the photos which the girls are wearing the handbands.
I will update here once I get them! :)

Oh this can consider as custom made.
If you are interested, feel free to drop an email to me.

It would be my pleasure to send this love to you! :D

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Cozy Christmas Case

Remember the iPhone/handphone case I made specially for Christmas recently?
I have tried. It can even fit a portable external hardisk! I just love it even more for being so versatile!

Interested to have a cozy case for yours?
It's also a great Christmas gift for your loved ones!
Please visit :)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Featured @ Artsy/Fartsy

Love the new page layout in Artsy/Fartsy blog!
They are so organized and easy viewing~
And of course, I'm featured there! Haha~ Thanks :)

By the way, I'm getting a name for that cute character which is on the top right picture above!

X'mas Gift Sock HP Case

 ("25" for 25 Dec! ^^)
Size : 9.5cm-11.8cm(w) x 13.7cm(h)
Materials: Felt, Ribbon and Button
This size is a standard size to fit all types of gadgets, such as iPhone, Samsung touch phones, etc. And even certain sizes of portable external hard disk!

Christmas is coming soon! Can't wait for this warming occasion :D

This case is specially made for celebrating Christmas :)
The ribbon is for locking your electronic gadget inside this cozy sleeve. 

Enjoy this joyful festival with this bright cozy sleeve!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Kitty iPad Case

Hi all! Here's another custom made order for iPad2.
This time, the iPad case structure is different than the usual one I have made.
Thanks for giving me a chance to try it out! :D
And, thank you for your patience. (Really busy these days. Haha~)
Hope the one who received this gift from you will love it :)

The outer layer material is foam sheet while the inner layer is felt.
It is requested to have a kitty in-front. So I cut out the kitty shape from the foam sheet and reveal the felt from inside. 
The whole iPad case is 100% fully hand sew, including the name in-front.
Also, I have made a small hole at the back for the camera :D

Well, this is how it looks like from inside. Of course, the right hand side is to hold the iPad with the elastic bands at each corner. For the left side, you can keep some documents or even cards in the small pockets.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Japanese Dolls iPad sleeve

It's been a while I have done this iPad sleeve and delivered out. Haha~ Wasn't got time to upload the photos. This is another new custom made order requested by my lovely customer.

Thank you for waiting and I'm glad you love it :)

Friday, 2 September 2011

Another weekend...

Happy Holiday again to those who are still having their holidays~ :P
Well, another weekend is coming again... Relax at home? Or going out for movie/shopping?
Thank you to those who take their free time to visit Passioncraft. *Touched*
Have a wonderful weekend! :D

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Air Mail Card Holder

RM15 each
Size : 7.5cm x 10.5cm (Closed size)
Main material : Felt

Since I've done many handphone and iPad case, I was thinking of making another craft. And then I thought of card holder. I was inspired by the air mail envelope. :D

You can put your ID card, bank card, Touch n' Go card, etc. Or you can use it as name card holder. Besides all these, you can even put some cash when you just need to go out to the shops nearby your house for example.

Oh, nearly forget to mention.
This air mail design is available for Passport Holder too! :D

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bunny Dots Handphone Case

RM26 each
Size: 9.5cm x 13.5cm
(Can fit most mobile phones including iphone)
Materials: Felt and snap button. 
 This pouch is made in double layer of felt.
The outer layer is patterned felt. It's a really cute pattern looks like polka dots but in bunny head shape. The grey colour soft felt combination is just right for it. A very firm and cozy handphone case.
I love the patterned felt!

Choco Tears Handphone Case

RM23 each
Size: 9.5cm x 13.5cm
(Can fit most mobile phones including iphone)
Materials: Felt, leather and snap button.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Black in Grey (iPhone & iPad sleeve)

for iPhone / handphone case
for iPad1 / iPad2 sleeve
FREE postage fee for buying a set of both iPhone & iPad case!

Handphone case size: 9.5cm x 13.5cm
(Can fit most mobile phones including iphone)
iPad sleeve size:21cm x 26.5cm
(Can fit iPad1 & iPad2)

Materials: Felt, Foam & Snap Button

Most of the designs in Passioncraft are more feminine or cutie.
But this set of design is suitable for men and women.
These sleeves are made with 2 layers
(Inner layer is felt, while the outer layer is foam).
The foam is durable, light weight and water proof!
Get both of them in a set for Perfect Match!
You can get them for your Brother or Boyfriend as a gift too!
The design is Unisex! :D

Blue Polka Dots Handphone Pouch

RM26 each
Size: 9.5cm x 13.5cm
(Can fit most mobile phones including iphone)
Materials: Felt, lace and wooden button.

A cute felt I just bought. With the pattern of lovely polka dots.
This pouch is made in double layer of felt. It is firm and cozy. :)
The inner layer of felt is in Turquoise colour, like shown
in the picture of "Lovely Handmade" cotton label.

Cherry handphone Pouch

RM24 each
Size: 9.5cm x 13.5cm
(Can fit most mobile phones including iphone)
Materials: Felt, cotton fabric and snap button.

New handphone pouch with the
combination of felt and fabric for the first time :)
So far, I just used either felt or foam, or both combination.
This pouch has really soft texture as this is soft polyester felt.
And has really cozy feeling~ ^^

Monday, 29 August 2011

Time has passed... Half a year.

6 months. A half year.
It's not long, but not too short either.
Time flies so fast. Can't imagine it has gone so far.

My personal brand.
My craft.

Craft lovers,
You're my lovely customers.
And supporters.
You've meant so much to me.
Passioncraft wouldn't has made all these
Without your support.

Truly appreciate a lot.
Sincerely from my heart.

Thank you again, dear all!

Have a wonderful day! :)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Fairy Postcard zipper pouch

Postcard inspired pouch!

Imported fabric with glitters

With lining and crystal zipper charm

It can even fit in your cards.

RM26 each
Size: 12cm(w) x 9.5cm(h)
Main material(s): Imported fabric (with glitters on the exterior) + batting + zipper

This is a postcard-inspired coin pouch. Besides of cash, it can also fits in your cards. It's an ideal pouch when you just need to bring some cash and ID card to the shops nearby your home or office.

The pouch is filled with batting between the exterior fabric and the lining. So it looks puffy comfy :D Even the stamp does look 2D. Haha~
I have added a charming crystal zipper charm on the zipper head, 
like the fairy stick ^^

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Alphabet Biscuit HP Straps

RM12 each
Current ready made items: Alphabet R, S, C, A
Other alphabets are also available on request (order-to-make)

Ever last since I made Macarons HP straps, I was thinking of making another food HP straps. And, alphabet biscuits just came to my mind. I'm sure most of you ate it before :) Are they your childhood favourite biskie? ^^ It's really fun when eating them, choosing the alphabets, arranging names... :D

Well, this HP straps are made of felt on the alphabets and cotton lace. The bronze metal straps just fit nicely with the alphabets and lovely lace~

Hope you like it! ^^
I've already got myself one too. On my phone ;)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

True Fabric Tape

We are selling these lovely fabric tape now!
There are so many ways you can use this fabric tape.
You can apply it on your paper craft or decorate your furniture or stationery.
Or ANYTHING you like! ^^
It'll beautify your stuff and feeling zakka!

Size: 15mm x 500mm

RM9.00 each / Buy 10 get 1 FREE

* For purchase of 1 ~ 20 pcs fabric tape, you will need to pay postage of RM6.00.
For more than 20pcs, please contact Passioncraft (
We are welcome Wholesaler.
Please do contact us if you are interested! :)

:: Fabric Tape 1 ::

:: Fabric Tape 2 ::

:: Fabric Tape 3 ::

:: Fabric Tape 4 ::

:: Fabric Tape 5 ::

:: Fabric Tape 6 ::

:: Fabric Tape 7 ::

:: Fabric Tape 8 ::

:: Fabric Tape 9 ::

:: Fabric Tape 10 ::

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Custom made iPhone case

Another custom made iPhone case.
Actually at first I made this design for iPad sleeve on my blog,
then customer saw it and request to apply it on iPhone4 case.
So there it is! Sooo cute even I can't resist it! Haha~

I put both iPad sleeve and iPhone case together.
They just look like brother and sister!
They are so cute I would like to plan to apply this design on other accessories.
Any accessories you guys wish to have with this lovely design?
Just email to!
I would be glad to hear your request. :)

Anyway, thank you for your support, my lovely customer! ^^

Ta-daa!! ^^
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