Friday, 2 December 2011

Wedding "Sisters" Handband

Wedding is a wonderful ceremony which two people are united. That day will be everyone's unforgettable moment. :)

I was having this opportunity to make this "sisters"(they called "ji mui" in Chinese) flower handbands. It's an amazing experience as this is my first time doing it and it's for this sweet and romantic couple, my friends.

This is also represents my wishes to them, happy together forever~

It's a simple flower handband but love and passion are all in it. Haha~
It's made of artificial flowers and ribbons. The ribbons are for tying on the hands. Oh! And I added a pin on the back of each flower handbands! It can be used for the guys to pin on their chests (jackets) on that day. Of course, girls you can cut off the ribbons and pin on your handbags as a decor too (after the wedding! :P )
A tips for you, you can slot an alligator pin at the back and pin it as your hair decoration :D
Multipurpose huh! Haha~
There you go! All the handbands are well-packed in a box
with a love cupid stamp on it! ^^

I'm waiting for the photos which the girls are wearing the handbands.
I will update here once I get them! :)

Oh this can consider as custom made.
If you are interested, feel free to drop an email to me.

It would be my pleasure to send this love to you! :D
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