Monday, 1 August 2011

Fairy Postcard zipper pouch

Postcard inspired pouch!

Imported fabric with glitters

With lining and crystal zipper charm

It can even fit in your cards.

RM26 each
Size: 12cm(w) x 9.5cm(h)
Main material(s): Imported fabric (with glitters on the exterior) + batting + zipper

This is a postcard-inspired coin pouch. Besides of cash, it can also fits in your cards. It's an ideal pouch when you just need to bring some cash and ID card to the shops nearby your home or office.

The pouch is filled with batting between the exterior fabric and the lining. So it looks puffy comfy :D Even the stamp does look 2D. Haha~
I have added a charming crystal zipper charm on the zipper head, 
like the fairy stick ^^
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