Friday, 11 November 2011

Kitty iPad Case

Hi all! Here's another custom made order for iPad2.
This time, the iPad case structure is different than the usual one I have made.
Thanks for giving me a chance to try it out! :D
And, thank you for your patience. (Really busy these days. Haha~)
Hope the one who received this gift from you will love it :)

The outer layer material is foam sheet while the inner layer is felt.
It is requested to have a kitty in-front. So I cut out the kitty shape from the foam sheet and reveal the felt from inside. 
The whole iPad case is 100% fully hand sew, including the name in-front.
Also, I have made a small hole at the back for the camera :D

Well, this is how it looks like from inside. Of course, the right hand side is to hold the iPad with the elastic bands at each corner. For the left side, you can keep some documents or even cards in the small pockets.

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