Friday, 27 May 2011

Lace Ribbon hair clip

RM7 each
Size : 4cm length (based on alligator clip dimension)
Available in Red and Black colour.

Elegant yet cute lovely ribbon hair clip made by grosgrain ribbon and lace.
At the back of the ribbon is glued with alligator clip.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fruits Fiesta keychain

A complete set

 Apple keychain

Pear keychain

 Banana keychain

Mangosteen keychain

Lemon keychain

Durian keychain

RM18 each keychain
Special Price for a complete set of 6 keychains :
RM100 each set (Original price : RM108)
Fruits available : Apple, Pear, Banana, Mangosteen, Lemon & Durian.

Finally, I've done all complete set for Fruits Fiesta collection.
100% handmade, hand-sew. No glue!
There are so cute, even I can't resist it!
It's a great choice as a gift for those who loves to collect keychain!
In addition, so far I still not yet seen any craft of Durian. It's so special and cute! And it just looks like it has 'baby fat' on it's face. Haha~
Grab them now and collect them all! \(^-^)/

Tips: It can even be a decoration on your handbag! Just fix it on your handbag zipper~

Monday, 9 May 2011

Felt Blossom brooch / hair clip

RM10 each

Size : 7cm (diameter)
Available in 2 colours (Pink / grey)

This brooch is made of felt and beads.
It can use in 2 way: Hair clip or brooch pin.
You can clip it on your hair, blouse/top and even as a handbag decoration!
TIPS: If you have a simple headband, you can pin this flower on it and voila! Become a new lovely flower headband! A 2nd tips: You can pin it on your elastic belt as decor too!
Have fun! :D

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