Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Alphabet Biscuit HP Straps

RM12 each
Current ready made items: Alphabet R, S, C, A
Other alphabets are also available on request (order-to-make)

Ever last since I made Macarons HP straps, I was thinking of making another food HP straps. And, alphabet biscuits just came to my mind. I'm sure most of you ate it before :) Are they your childhood favourite biskie? ^^ It's really fun when eating them, choosing the alphabets, arranging names... :D

Well, this HP straps are made of felt on the alphabets and cotton lace. The bronze metal straps just fit nicely with the alphabets and lovely lace~

Hope you like it! ^^
I've already got myself one too. On my phone ;)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

True Fabric Tape

We are selling these lovely fabric tape now!
There are so many ways you can use this fabric tape.
You can apply it on your paper craft or decorate your furniture or stationery.
Or ANYTHING you like! ^^
It'll beautify your stuff and feeling zakka!

Size: 15mm x 500mm

RM9.00 each / Buy 10 get 1 FREE

* For purchase of 1 ~ 20 pcs fabric tape, you will need to pay postage of RM6.00.
For more than 20pcs, please contact Passioncraft (
We are welcome Wholesaler.
Please do contact us if you are interested! :)

:: Fabric Tape 1 ::

:: Fabric Tape 2 ::

:: Fabric Tape 3 ::

:: Fabric Tape 4 ::

:: Fabric Tape 5 ::

:: Fabric Tape 6 ::

:: Fabric Tape 7 ::

:: Fabric Tape 8 ::

:: Fabric Tape 9 ::

:: Fabric Tape 10 ::

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Custom made iPhone case

Another custom made iPhone case.
Actually at first I made this design for iPad sleeve on my blog,
then customer saw it and request to apply it on iPhone4 case.
So there it is! Sooo cute even I can't resist it! Haha~

I put both iPad sleeve and iPhone case together.
They just look like brother and sister!
They are so cute I would like to plan to apply this design on other accessories.
Any accessories you guys wish to have with this lovely design?
Just email to!
I would be glad to hear your request. :)

Anyway, thank you for your support, my lovely customer! ^^

Ta-daa!! ^^

Custom made iPad2 sleeve

These are custom made orders, special request from customers.
Get yourself a comfy sleeve for your ipad! :)

Thank you for all your support! :D
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