Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fruits Fiesta keychain

A complete set

 Apple keychain

Pear keychain

 Banana keychain

Mangosteen keychain

Lemon keychain

Durian keychain

RM18 each keychain
Special Price for a complete set of 6 keychains :
RM100 each set (Original price : RM108)
Fruits available : Apple, Pear, Banana, Mangosteen, Lemon & Durian.

Finally, I've done all complete set for Fruits Fiesta collection.
100% handmade, hand-sew. No glue!
There are so cute, even I can't resist it!
It's a great choice as a gift for those who loves to collect keychain!
In addition, so far I still not yet seen any craft of Durian. It's so special and cute! And it just looks like it has 'baby fat' on it's face. Haha~
Grab them now and collect them all! \(^-^)/

Tips: It can even be a decoration on your handbag! Just fix it on your handbag zipper~
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